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Research Infrastructure
Battelle NEON Spotlight Blog

September 2021: What’s New with NEON?

Posted by Battelle Insider on Sep 2, 2021

This month we highlight a study on humans’ role in wildfires; a partnership between NEON and the Environmental Data Initiative; and a mobile deploym..

CBRNE Defense
Photo: two soldiers in hazmat gear

Battelle Showcases Decon Prototype at CBOA Industry Event

Posted by Battelle Insider on Aug 16, 2021

Learn about the emerging Chemical/Biological (CB) technologies Battelle showcased at the DTRA funded Chemical and Biological Operational Analysis (C..

STEM Education
Photo: farmer spraying crops

Ohio Students to Build Community Solutions and Learn about High-Tech Careers in Agriculture

Posted by Battelle Insider on Aug 5, 2021

Learn more about the Battelle education team's effects to educate Ohio students about all the high-tech careers available in agriculture.

Research Infrastructure
Photo: Battelle NEON August Blog Image

August 2021: What’s New with NEON?

Posted by Battelle Insider on Aug 3, 2021

We highlight developing a curriculum to learn the scientific method, airborne data improving socio-environmental research, and the need for NEON dat..

Research Infrastructure
Photo: Battelle July NEON Blog

July 2021: What’s New with NEON?

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jul 6, 2021

See how NEON is prioritizing STEM careers for women, how the diversity shifts of beetles offer intel on changing ecosystems, and how NEON data is be..

how do fireworks get their colors

How Do Fireworks Get Their Colors?

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jul 2, 2021

Battelle Principal Research Scientist Paul Shawcross drops some knowledge about the science behind how fireworks get their colors.

Pride Month
Photo: Prism Pride Panel Discussion

Prism Celebrates Pride with Panel Discussion on Being Your Authentic Self

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jun 18, 2021

On June 15, Prism hosted a panel discussion for employees to discuss being their authentic selves and sharing ways allies can support members of the..