Welcome to Battelle where our mission is to translate scientific discovery and technology advances into societal benefits.

We consider on-boarding a process, not an event.
That’s why we’ve created portal tools to assist you in this process and help you understand how work gets done at Battelle.

These tools can help you understand our culture and our business - empowering you to shape your Battelle experience and career.

Your on-boarding process consists of five learning phases. 


After completing each of these major milestones, you will be directed to meet one-on-one with your manager to review and discuss your progress, learning and reactions.

Your manager and Human Resources representative are key partners who will assist in ensuring your smooth transition and ongoing success.

Quick Tip

Throughout this process:

  • You are the primary owner of your on-boarding experience
  • Your hiring manager acts as your performance coach
  • Your Human Resources contact is available for additional guidance