A Window to the Past

Recently, Battelle retiree William Weider visited the King Avenue, Columbus campus us to drop off some photography. William, a Mt. Vernon, Ohio native, worked at Battelle from 1958-1988 and now the 80-year-old is downsizing.

William, who studied physics at Ohio State University and Ohio University, worked in reliability engineering studying dry lubricants for space travel. But his real passion was photography. “Knowledge can make very interesting photographs,” he said. 

In two portfolios, William brought many submissions from the 1970s and ‘80s he’d made to the contest that used to be held by the Professional Photographers of Central Ohio. Winning prints hung in the gallery at the former Union Station, which was located in today’s Short North district.

“I learned the trick of how to win,” he said. “It was easy to deduct points for portraits, but these science pictures were difficult to judge, so I always got high marks.”

Here are some highlights of William's work.

Photo entitled Laser Beams

Laser Beams

Photo entitled Light Control

Light Control

Photo entitled Light

photo entitled Plastic Pipes No. 3
Plastic Pipes No. 3

photo entitled Sugar Crystals
Sugar Crystals

photo entitled Video Disc No. 2
Videodisc No. 2

photo titled 2-6 ditertiary bp cresol
2-6 Ditertiary bp cresol

photo entitled ascorbic acid
Ascorbic Acid

photo entitled Battelle

photo entitled Burning Data
Burning Data

photo entitled Fingerprint

photo entitled Heat treat No.1
Heat treat No. 1

photo entitled Heat Treat No. 2
Heat treat No. 2
January 26, 2018
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