What’s Happening in the World of Detergents? Battelle Knows.

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PFAS and Emerging Chemicals

Phasing Out “Forever Chemicals”: Finding Alternatives for PFAS

PFAS are found in many industrial and consumer products, from firefighting foams to cosmetics to outdoor clothing. Here's how we're at the forefront of PFAS response, with solutions for PFAS risk mitigation and management, treatment and replacement.
Research Management and Operations

Candace Major’s Impressive Career in Earth and Environmental Sciences Continues at Battelle

Candace Major has worked at some of the most impressive scientific organizations on the planet. Now, her lifelong desire to address real-world problems and societal needs while simultaneously advancing fundamental scientific knowledge has brought her to Battelle.
Climate Resilience

Battelle’s Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference Hosts Experts to Scale Solutions for Change

What happens when leaders and experts congregate in Washington, DC, to discuss plans and actions for addressing climate change? Battelle’s third annual Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference provided answers.
Research Management and Operations

Dr. Kate Thibault Brings Long-Term and Big-Scale Perspectives to Battelle

The study of ecology is important at any scale, from the smallest mammals to continental carbon flux patterns. Dr. Kate Thibault understands this better than most.
Climate Resilience

Climate Resilience: A Holistic Approach to Climate Change

Learn how Battelle’s Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference is creating a foundation for a holistic approach to climate change.
Photo: icr24 attendees listening to a presenter

Innovations in Climate Resilience

ICR's mission is to bring together the world's brightest minds to solve the greatest climate challenge of our time. The conference offers a curated technical program with invited keynote presentations, platform & poster reception.

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