Battelle's 9/80 Work Schedule Provides Greater Work/Life Balance

alt = battelle employees taylor skinner, jen malik, matthew and sam colachis demonstrating how they spend their fridays off due to the Battelle 9/80 schedule 9/80

There are all kinds of different benefits that employers can offer employees in addition to pay. An attractive perk at Battelle for some employees is having a three-day weekend every other week.

What? Yes, we have every other Friday off because many employees work a 9/80 schedule at Battelle—work 80 hours in nine days instead of 10, and every other Friday is an off day. 

While some roles at Battelle necessitate a traditional 40-hour, five-day work week, all Battelle employees remain dedicated to client success and meeting their needs promptly. But for those working the 9/80, this benefit has resulted in notable enhancements of work-life balance throughout the organization.

Some positives of a 9/80 schedule:

  • Flexibility
  • Work-life balance
  • Reduced commuting time and expenses
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Scheduled and predictable three-day weekends

What do our employees think? We asked a few and here are their replies.

Taylor Skinner, Talent Specialist

alt = Battelle talent specialist taylor skinner on vacation in Rome, Italy with her fiance


What is one of the favorite things you’ve done on an off Friday?

In 2023, I spent several off-Fridays traveling. We visited family in New York in April, but my favorite was going to Rome, Italy with my partner who also works a 9/80! Another good one was dedicated to touring wedding venues for our wedding which is planned for the Saturday following an off-Friday!

What do you like about having a 9/80 work schedule?

Having a full day off every other Friday allows me to truly recharge before the weekend. I typically use off Fridays to catch up on appointments, chores around the house, visit my nieces and nephew, and my favorite, to maximize my vacations by an extra day and mitigate the amount of PTO I use!

Rebecca Nguyen, Corporate Program Manager

How does a 9/80 work schedule benefit you at Battelle?

The 9/80 work schedule mitigates the need to take PTO for appointments and helps maintain balance between work and personal life. It is one of my favorite benefits, and I’m grateful that Battelle offers it. All my friends are jealous!

Can you think of a time when you spent an off Friday doing something fun?

One of my self-care rituals is regular facials, and I love doing those on off-Fridays. In November, I used one for a trip to Nashville. I have been wanting to do a three-day weekend trip using an off-Friday since we switched to 9/80, and this was the first time I’ve done that. I also like using these days to catch up with friends who have a flexible schedule.

Jen Malik, Data Scientist

alt= Battelle data scientist Jen Malik competing in a cycling race


How does a 9/80 work schedule benefit you at Battelle?

The 9/80 work schedule allows me to find balance between work and life. I really enjoy having a longer weekend every other week to go travel and hike, bike, scuba, etc. or even to just reset and do laundry and clean the house and read. 

What is one of the favorite things you’ve done on an off Friday?

One of my favorite things that I have done on an off Friday going with a few friends to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland. Since it is a two-and-a-half-hour hour drive, I used to only be able to go on weekends and it would be PACKED! This meant that there was a lot of waiting around and trying not to get crashed by people not paying attention. However, it is pretty empty from 12-4 pm on a Friday which makes it the perfect time to visit and essentially have the place to yourself!

Matthew Colachis, Chemical Engineer/Sam Colachis, Biomedical Engineer

alt = Battelle chemical enginner matthew colachis and battelle biomedical engineer sam colachis performing in their band wild fox medicine at the spacebar


How does a 9/80 work schedule benefit you at Battelle?

Sam/Matt: The 9/80 work schedule allows for an extended weekend with less PTO being used and more time to focus on other hobbies and trips outside of working hours. It provides us with the flexibility to navigate our busy weeks more efficiently, which can help with productivity! A day dedicated to disconnecting from work allows us to recharge and unwind, creating a more balanced and focused work routine.

Can you think of a time when you spent an off Friday doing something fun?

Matt: One of the activities I have focused on during my off Fridays involves practicing and performing in shows with my band “Wild Fox Medicine”. We have performed in a few shows in Columbus and have recorded, as well as recently released an album on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Funny enough, my brother Sam plays banjo and bass at our live shows. It is cool that we can jam together on our off Fridays, which makes scheduling and practicing a seamless process. Having the flexibility to pursue other hobbies on an off Friday is definitely an added benefit with working at Battelle!

Sam: Off Fridays give me an extra day to recharge. They allow me to catch up on house projects, spend time on the hobbies I enjoy, and travel. Fortunately, my wife is a nurse who works odd hours and gets Fridays off occasionally too. This has allowed us to take long weekend trips together where we have discovered new hiking spots and restaurants. My wife and I are both musicians, so when I am not rocking out in Matt's band, "Wild Fox Medicine", I am writing and playing music with my wife. I am very fortunate to work for a company that values a healthy work-life balance. 

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