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Inside Battelle

New Blog Platform Offers Insight into Battelle and Our Solvers

Posted by Battelle Insider on Oct 17, 2016

For nearly a century Battelle has been conducting research and development to help solve the world’s most difficult and complex challenges. 

We’ve launched a new blog platform – called Inside Battelle – that offers a look beyond our walls into the incredible work being done by our solvers. From STEM education and environment to homeland security and health, Battelle is often on the cutting edge of science and technology. We’re looking at the big picture and working on solutions not just for today’s challenges, but what we believe will be the most pressing problems of the future. 

Check back often for new posts with information about what’s going on Inside Battelle. Then feel free to share, like, tweet, etc. the posts you find most interesting with those in your circle. 



Photo: battelle employee using a virtual workboard