Showcasing Battelle Corporate Interns

With the right internship, students gain confidence and readiness to transition to a career after graduation. At Battelle, we understand the significance of internships and how they influence early career professionals. We cultivate an environment that fosters creativity, inspires innovation, and empowers critical thinking. Interns work with experts to gain hands-on experience on projects that improve the world.

Following are some profiles of current interns and co-ops at Battelle.

Esha Sharma, Philanthropy Intern/Communications Intern

Photo: Headshot Battelle Intern Esha Sharma

Education: Political Science and Government student at The Ohio State University

What has been your favorite part of the internship?

Learning about Battelle’s workplace culture and the different types of people I have worked with. Throughout my time working in the Philanthropy department, I felt well supported on projects and tasks. I’ve also had the opportunity to explore different areas such as Marketing and Communications, where I was impressed by Battelle’s commitment to continuous growth and portfolio development.

What is a typical day?

As a philanthropy intern, I worked four days a week in the office, which provided me with the opportunity to work on two projects simultaneously, communicate with my managers face-to-face, and work on daily tasks. An example of a typical project would be a compilation of scholarship data. A second project involved working on the back end of our digital platforms and conducting research on organizations to which we donate.

My position as an employee communications intern allows me the flexibility to work from home or in the office. In the context of an internal story, interviewing individuals and writing about their work is an example of a project. Drafting communications to employees and collaborating with team members to develop a finalized version is another project.

Gabrielle Stern, Commercial Sales Intern

Photo: Headshot Battelle Intern Gabrielle Stern

Education: Business Administration and Marketing student at The Ohio State University

In what ways has this internship furthered your career development?

Working at Battelle has helped me develop professionally and personally. My role here at Battelle is the first Marketing focused (sales) job so it’s really great learning the industry. Since I began in May I have learned the ins and outs of commercial sales. This role has truly taught me so much and showed me the duties of the sales world. The professionals I connect with each day are unmatched. There is so much to be learned! Personally, I feel more knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to everyday life.

What was one of your proudest moments at Battelle?

One of my proudest professional moments at Battelle was compiling and creating a key accounts spreadsheet during the duration of my summer internship and presenting it to my team on a call. I worked hard compiling information over the summer, and I received a lot of praise following the presentation of my findings. It made me feel very accomplished and proud to be able to share my work like this and have a physical deliverable for the team.

Matthew Balzer, Legal Co-Op

Photo: Headshot Battelle Intern Matthew Balzer

Education: Capital University Law School

Any advice you’d like to share with potential internship applicants or future Battelle interns?

Throughout your internship, take advantage of interacting at networking events and attending executive leadership meets to make connections. In addition to providing a lot of networking opportunities, Battelle also provides employees with opportunities to learn about their areas of interest or grow within the organization.

How would you describe a typical day as a Legal intern?

In the Legal department, there is no such thing as a typical day. My work sometimes involves drafting and revising legal transactional documents. The next day, I may be putting together a lot of research to assist with top-level projects. As a legal intern, I enjoyed the fact that the legal team provided support across the organization.

Neelima Gopinath, Computer Information Technology Communications Intern

Photo: Headshot Battelle Intern Neelima Gopinath

Education: Management Information Systems student at The Ohio State University

What has been your favorite part of the internship?

Having a balanced and positive work environment is important to me. As a result of a lighter workload, along with flexibility, I have experienced a better work environment for a full-time student. Another aspect is collaborating with a bunch of different people around Battelle and within CIT as there are so many teams with distinct purposes.

What have you learned during this internship that you can apply in the future?

I learned how to better manage my time and accommodate team members’ schedules as well. Another takeaway from this experience is my newfound interest in documentation and management.

Lauren Newkirk, Contracts Specialist in Environmental and Infrastructure Contracts

Photo: Headshot Battelle Intern Lauren Newkirk

Commercial Contracts Intern 2021 and National Security Contracts Intern 2022

Education: Business Administration and Management graduate from Otterbein University

How has this internship program helped you develop and cultivate your personal and professional development?

The internship program gave me the confidence to become well-versed in multiple areas rather than being an expert in one. I have been able to incorporate my interest in data and continuous improvement into special projects throughout my internship while still learning about contracting every day. Having a team that can collaborate and bring in their own unique talents and skill sets creates a well-rounded approach to any situation. Being interested and knowledgeable in additional areas has been encouraged throughout my internships. This is something that I will always carry with me in my full-time role.

Any advice you’d like to share with potential applicants or future Battelle interns?

My advice to any intern is that you get out what you put into an internship. Battelle creates an environment for you to see great success in your internship and beyond, so being an active participant in the program will allow you to grow as a young professional. Continuing your desire to learn from others at Battelle with ensure that you get everything you need from the internship. I encourage anyone in an internship position right now to ask for exposure to areas of work that interest you, to meet everyone in your department/network and to be grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by your fellow interns.

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