Solver Hiba Shamma is Building a Path to a Better Future

Hiba Shamma uses her expertise in microbiology to solve issues related to bioterrorism and disease spread. She is a technician specialist and a Laboratory Coordinator for the National Security Bioscience Center Team.

“Microbiology is about everything around us, including everything that we can’t see.It plays a big role in our lives.”

Hiba’s always wanted to be a doctor like her father but realized she didn’t like seeing people suffer. At Battelle, she feels like she’s able to solve health problems before they reach people.

As a technician, Hiba works on a diverse range of projects. Her team is working to better prevent cross contamination and infectious disease spread in hospitals. Other project examples include understanding bioterrorism threats, using bacteria to help crops seeds grow more effectively, and assessing how microorganisms break down plastics in landfills.

Hiba likes working at Battelle because she feels like she’s using her expertise in microbiology to set the world in the right direction.

“Not do we only prevent bioterrorism and find cures to diseases, but we are also finding ways to make this world we live in a cleaner, healthier and a safer one to live in.”

In addition to her project responsibilities, she ensures that all basic lab supplies are available, equipment maintenance is performed, and all logbooks and documents are kept current for 25 microbiology and genomics labs that are utilized by about 55 employees. She optimizes operational efficiency, makes sure the labsadhere to quality assurance procedures and maintains lab safety.

Out of Battelle’s five core values, Hiba said she thinks “unity” is the most pertinent to her work. She is the person lab users go to if they have questions about supplies, equipment maintenance, or simply need help with a project. Her team often collaborates with other departments, so she gets to understand the variety of research at Battelle.

“Working at Battelle makes me feel like I am a part of a team that’s building a path to a better future.”

October 09, 2019
Battelle Insider
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