Tunisia’s Crop Protection Market: A Gateway to North Africa

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Tunisia's agricultural sector is expanding, and with it, the demand for effective plant protection products (PPPs). Yet, navigating the intricacies of Tunisian PPP registration can be complex posing a critical challenge for companies seeking market entry.

This simplified overview presents the key aspects you need to know about registering crop protection products in Tunisia. It highlights the advantages and challenges you may encounter, showcasing how Battelle's extensive expertise can be your trusted partner in securing successful and seamless market access.

Market Potential

  • A growing agrochemical market estimated at $50 million1 and projected to reach 4,160 metric tons2 by 2026 (3.1% annual growth according to the National Institute of Statistics).
  • An agricultural potential of 9.7 million hectares of cultivable land, contributing 63% of Tunisia's territory.3
  • A dynamic PPP market with 424 active ingredients registered, 980 commercial brands and 41 distribution companies.4
  • A pesticide import value of $55.4 million in 2021. Tunisia imported primarily from Spain ($13.9M), France ($12.3M), Greece ($4.61M), China ($3.77M), and Italy ($3.54M).5

Advantages of Registering Your PPP in Tunisia

  • Open Submission for Year-Round Convenience: Submit your PPP registration anytime, unlike countries in the region with limited submission windows.
  • Affordable Fees: Tunisia's PPP registration fees are significantly lower compared to those in the EU, making entry less cost-prohibitive. Tunisia's registration fees also encompass the costs of laboratory analysis and efficacy field trials, unlike other countries in the region where the trials are at the applicant's expense and must be conducted by an external accredited organization.
  • Transferable Approval: While Tunisia mandates that registration applications for PPPs be submitted solely by locally certified companies, it also offers the flexibility to transfer granted approval from one distributor to another, ensuring market continuity.
  • Leveraging Southern European Studies: The Tunisian regulatory framework allows for the utilization of efficacy data obtained from studies conducted in Southern European countries, streamlining the registration process and reducing the need for redundant testing
  • Sustainable Focus: Pesticides specifically designed for use in biological agriculture receive a 50% reduction in fees related to analyses, registrations, and field trials to incentivize the development and adoption of sustainable pest control practices.

Challenges of the Tunisian Crop Protection Market

  • Complex Regulatory Framework: Tunisian regulations are aligned with European and FAO guidelines but also have unique local requirements, creating a complex compliance landscape. Battelle's multidisciplinary team of regulatory experts bridges the gap with in-depth knowledge of Tunisian and EU guidelines.
  • Extensive Dossier Requirements: Preparing a complete and compliant dossier demands specific expertise and can be time-consuming.
  • Administrative Hurdles: Despite digitalization efforts, procedural obstacles and bureaucratic complexities can cause delays and disruptions.
  • Language Barrier: Navigating communication with authorities and local partners requires fluency in Arabic and French.

The Battelle Advantage

Battelle's deep understanding of the Tunisian agrochemical market and its regulatory landscape makes our team a top choice for agrochemical product registration support. With a global team of regulatory experts located in key regions, including the EU, U.S., South America, UK, Switzerland, and North Africa, Battelle is well-positioned to assist with your regulatory needs. Offering comprehensive support throughout the pesticide product registration process, Battelle ensures timely approvals and successful navigation of the Tunisian agrochemical market.


Battelle's team comprises multidisciplinary experts with extensive regulatory experience in the agrochemical sector, providing full regulatory support, including innovative registration and re-registration services for agrochemical products in North Africa. Our team's in-depth regulatory knowledge paired with local expert support and native speakers make Battelle an ideal partner for your regulatory project.


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