2022 was Another Year of Scientific Innovations and Challenges: What did we learn?

Educating the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers 

Impacting 1 Million Students with STEM in a Year: Battelle’s Blueprint 

  • The United States is falling behind in STEM education for children to effectively enter the workforce. The next generation of scientists, engineers, doctors and more need these STEM skills to succeed. In the past year, Battelle reached 1.4 million students with valuable STEM programming in communities across the country. We are far from done. Read the full blog here.

Protecting Endangered Species and Wildlife from Pesticides 

What the Endangered Species Act Means for the Agrochemical and Crop Protection Sector 

  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency has established a workplan to protect endangered species and wildlife from pesticides. As an industry leader in agrochemical formulation development, Battelle provides formulation development, risk assessment and regulatory support to help pesticide companies adjust  products to the new government demands. Read the full blog here.

A Solution to Forever Chemicals 

Timely Solutions to PFAS Contamination: Battelle Presented PFAS Remediation Technology to House Committee 

  • Through years of internal research at Battelle, we’ve learned that the complete destruction of PFAS is not easy, but it is possible. Battelle’s Amy Dindal, Division Manager of Environment & Infrastructure, testified before a joint subcommittee hearing of the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology about PFAS and the development of remediation tools. Read the full blog here.

Photo: call out to battelle pfas annihilator white paper

Battelle Technology Ready to Address PFAS Problem 

  • Battelle’s PFAS Annihilator™ has been shaped by over a decade of research and development and is destroying PFAS chemicals using patented breakthrough technology. Read the full blog here

PFAS ANNIHILATOR™ In Action: Total PFAS Destruction 

  • Battelle’s first PFAS Annihilator™ customer engagement resulted in the reduction of total PFAS in landfill leachate to single-digit concentrations with no adverse byproducts. Read the full blog here.

Photo: Justin Sanchez presenting at the conference on innovations in climate resilience

Real Solutions Are Needed Now to Address Climate Change 

Inaugural Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference: A Convergence of Scientists, Government, Academia, Private Industries  

  • Organized by Battelle in collaboration with partners from U.S. Department of Energy national labs, the conference brought together a broad array of scientists, engineers and policy experts to discuss solutions and share ideas about new ways to bolster innovations in climate resilience. Read the full blog here

New Inflation Reduction Act Means Big Things for Climate Resilience    

  • On Aug. 16, 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes landmark provisions to address climate change and other issues that will have significant implications for America’s future. Read the full blog here

No More Waiting: It’s Time for Bold Leaps and Action on Climate Resilience    

  • Battelle’s second annual Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference (#ICR23, #Climate23) is an event to teach, inform and encourage others to help propel change and action within our community. Read the full blog here.

Photo: innovations in climate resilience in blog callout  

The Rise in Eco-Design Inspires Large Scale Sustainability 

Eco-Design Helps Medical Device Companies Meet Sustainability Targets  

  • Battelle’s Eco-Design initiative takes a holistic approach to medical device sustainability to help companies find sustainable solutions including waste reduction of single-use medical device plastics. Read the full blog here

Developing a Deeper Understanding of Modern Vehicles  

CANprotect™ - Making Sense of Vehicle Signals  

  • Modern vehicles produce a lot of signals, but they’re not always easy to capture or interpret. Battelle scientists have created a way lengthen the life of vehicles and protect them from cyber effects. Read the full blog here.

New Technology to be Developed for Use in the United States 

Battelle Team to Develop Bio-Based Rare Earth Elements Tech for DARPA

  • To reduce supply chain vulnerability, the U.S. Department of Defense has interest in the development of environmentally friendly methods that enable rare earth element extraction to occur within the United States. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) launched the Environmental Microbes as a BioEngineering Resource (EMBER) program to develop novel, bio-based technologies for the separation, purification and conversion of rare earth elements into manufacturing-ready forms. Read the full blog here.

Photo: outside of am energy plant at night

Carbon Storage is a Real Solution to Mitigation but Success Means Finding a Trusted Partner 

When it Comes to Carbon Storage, the Name Is the Game 

  • While the technology for subsurface storage of CO2 has been amply demonstrated, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) as an industry is still new, and many project stakeholders are unfamiliar with the challenges associated with subsurface storage. When choosing who to partner with for CSS, experience, present capabilities, future stability and trust are essential for a successful project outcome. Read the full blog here.

Looking for a carbon storage site operations partner? Learn what it takes and what to look for in our whitepaper.

December 28, 2022
Battelle Insider
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