Battelle Supports National Biodefense Strategy

In biodefense, there is no statement more powerful than the first words of the new federal National Biodefense Strategy: “It is a vital interest of the United States to manage the risk of biological incidents, whether naturally occurring, accidental, or deliberate.”

Battelle has been leading biosecurity preparedness support to the U.S. government for the past 40 years. We are leading innovation in integrated biotechnology and are poised to provide vital expertise and the experience necessary to execute our country’s biodefense strategy.

As the world’s largest independent, nonprofit applied science and technology organization, Battelle is atypical of other organizations in the biotechnology community. We have in-house access to the crucial biosecurity facilities, critical infrastructure, subject matter experts and technologies necessary to provide the spectrum of support from threat awareness to response and recovery. Battelle performs the science that informs decisions and the technology that enables action against biological threats. 

The National Biodefense Strategy calls upon 20 different federal agencies to seek out partners in the biodefense community to achieve its goals. Battelle has worked with nearly all 20 agencies and is already working to deliver on these important goals to serve the needs of our country. Biodefense is what we do.

Unlike strategies of the past, the new National Biodefense Strategy leads with collaboration to develop integrated solutions that deliver meaningful outcomes. Biology is a complex, adaptable system; integration of capabilities is key, and Battelle has been serving in this capacity for decades.

A downloadable white paper that details our plan to enhance future biosecurity is available on our website. Battelle stands ready to leverage our experience and expertise in biopreparedness to enhance the nation’s biosecurity and execute the National Biodefense Strategy. 


November 21, 2022
Battelle Insider
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