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Battelle UK 21st Anniversary – An Interview with Darren Grafham

Posted by Battelle Insider on Nov 10, 2022

Battelle Crop Protection Solutions recently celebrated its 21st Anniversary with an event held at Landing 42 in London, UK. Since Battelle UK Limited (BUKL) opened its facilities and laboratories in Chelmsford (Essex, UK) over two decades ago, many memorable developments, scientific advances and business successes have transpired.

Throughout these years, BUKL has provided unique, solution-based services and has shared its extensive expertise and technology advancements to help the crop protection industry protect the environment and become more sustainable.

Darren Grafham, Battelle’s Crop Protection Division Manager since 2016, shares his insights about our organization and highlights the greatest achievements and the outstanding and valuable staff in this commemorative Battelle Crop Protection Solutions anniversary interview.