What’s Happening in the World of Detergents? Battelle Knows.

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PFAS and Emerging Chemicals

Phasing Out “Forever Chemicals”: Finding Alternatives for PFAS

PFAS are found in many industrial and consumer products, from firefighting foams to cosmetics to outdoor clothing. Here's how we're at the forefront of PFAS response, with solutions for PFAS risk mitigation and management, treatment and replacement.
Medical Devices

Overcoming Wet Injection Challenges with Human-Centric Design

Although often overlooked, wet injections are a common usability issue in medical devices. Get the details on wet injections, and how we're using human-centric design to solve for them.
Medical Devices

Stopping Brain Injury Before It Starts

Battelle received a five-year, $22 million contract through Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Cornerstone program to create a preventative medical intervention to stop traumatic brain injury.
Research Management and Operations

Latest Innovations with NEON: Impact of Climate Change on Tree Migration, Plant Diversity and Grazing Lands, and Capturing Plant Traits from Space

This month we are highlighting research leveraging NEON data to study climate change’s effects on the interrelation between fungi and forests, the impact of plant diversity management and intensification methods on grazing lands, and how using satellite data can inform us about plant traits.
Research Management and Operations

Battelle's Steve Dunbar: From Mountaineering to Managing Antarctic Operations

Learn about Steve Dunbar's journey from mountaineer in Antarctica to Program Manager at Battelle.
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