Latest Innovations with NEON: Woods to Water Project, Fire Activity in Western U.S. Forests and NEON Field Protocols

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Medical Devices

Tackling the Challenge of Mass Casualty Triage with Technology

Mass casualty incidents can occur anytime and anywhere, making it difficult for first responders to provide immediate assistance. Learn how we're using autonomous sensing and data fusion to solve for effective mass casualty triage.
Medical Devices

A Custom Pill for Every Patient: Transforming Personalized Medicine with 3D Printing

For patients that require multiple medications, adhering to complicated dosage schedules can be difficult. But what if multiple medications could be combined in one specialized pill?

Delivering tomorrow’s solutions, today. Advancing technology for our warfighters and the future of RF.

In a recent AOC podcast, Technical Director, Doug Thornton, discussed the importance of technology advancements and how research and development play a key role in creating opportunities for mission impact.
Research Management and Operations

Candace Major’s Impressive Career in Earth and Environmental Sciences Continues at Battelle

Candace Major has worked at some of the most impressive scientific organizations on the planet. Now, her lifelong desire to address real-world problems and societal needs while simultaneously advancing fundamental scientific knowledge has brought her to Battelle.

10 Things to Know About the New Water Treatment Guidance Document

This FAQ provides an overview of the new EFSA Journal guidance document on the impact of water treatment processes on residues of active substances or their metabolites in water abstracted to produce drinking water.
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