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Advanced Materials
rusty pipeline

Fighting Corrosion with Science

Posted by Battelle Insider on Dec 6, 2016

U.S. businesses spend an estimated $276 billion (that’s right, billion with a “b”) annually on corrosion prevention, mitigation and repair.

Device Security

Why You Want the Hackers in White Hats to Break into Your System

Posted by Battelle Insider on Oct 17, 2016

To understand security vulnerabilities, an ethical hacker has to take note of what black hat hackers are doing and what tools they are using.

Innovation at the Surface

Three Ways the Science of Surfaces is Changing Your Life

Posted by Battelle Insider on Oct 17, 2016

A surface is the outside layer of an object. But there is significant power in a surface – especially when you add in some top-notch science.

Homeland Security

Connected Vehicles Offer a Future of ‘No Mores’

Posted by Battelle Insider on Oct 17, 2016

Technology advances that are on the horizon will go a long way to improving the safety, mobility and environmental impact of ground travel.

Science of Cleaning
laundry detergent

The Future of Detergents: Top Trends Driving the Industry

Posted by Battelle Staff on May 5, 2016

How are appliance technologies, consumer preferences and regulatory pressures changing detergent formulation?

Food Fraud
Different types of food on a table

3 Things You Need to Know about Food Fraud

Posted by Battelle Staff on Apr 20, 2016

The use of non-authentic substances in food without the purchaser’s knowledge has become a potentially costly problem for companies and consumers.

researcher in a lab working on a tablet

Three Ways Encapsulation is Changing Agriculture

Posted by Battelle Staff on Sep 23, 2015

How can encapsulation technology make agriculture more productive and sustainable? Battelle Senior Research Scientist Ram Lalgudi has some ideas.


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