Carbon Capture & Sequestration is Worth Pursuing

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Three Ways Encapsulation is Changing Agriculture

How can encapsulation technology make agriculture more productive and sustainable? Battelle Senior Research Scientist Ram Lalgudi has some ideas.

Biopesticides vs. Conventional Pesticides

Biopesticides are one of the hottest trends in agriculture today. But what are they, and how do they work?
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Five Cools Things You Can Do With Encapsulation

Would you like to have a perfume that changes fragrance with your mood? How about an automotive paint that heals itself when scratched or nicked?

Five Good Reasons to Support GMOs

You hear a lot about GMOs these days—but what’s the real deal? Are they scary “frankenfoods” or a safe and viable addition to the global food chain?
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Carbon Storage Services

Trust our multi-disciplinary teams to cost-effectively guide your carbon capture and storage (CCS) project from plan to operations.

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