NEON Spotlight: The Best of 2022

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Research Management and Operations

Assignable Assets Efficiently Expands Ecological Research Opportunities

NEON has robust infrastructure across the continent to collect consistent open source ecological data. The NEON Assignable Assets program makes that infrastructure and expertise available.

What Brexit Means for Agrochemical Registration

Battelle is here to help our customers navigate the new rules for product registration in the UK and ensure smooth global registration of vital plant protection products.
Chemical and Biological Countermeasures, Life Sciences Research

The Time is Now for a National Biodefense Strategy

It is a vital interest of the United States to manage the risk of biological incidents. As an innovation leader in integrated biodefense technology, Battelle is set to play a huge role in this plan.

2022 was Another Year of Scientific Innovations and Challenges: What did we learn?

Another great year of research and innovation by the great minds at Battelle and beyond.

Battelle Shines on Global Stage at the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference in France

Employees in all career stages from Battelle’s energy group recently participated in the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT16) in Lyon, France.
Photo: young scientist putting samples in a beaker

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