5th Special Forces Group and Battelle win Modern Military Class at Mint 400

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Research Management and Operations

December 2021: What’s New with NEON?

This month’s collection explores how a tracer molecule can help explain carbon’s movement, a cost-effective alternative to lidar, and how a numerical response function can optimize system designs.
Medical Devices

NeuroLife® Sleeve Brings New Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation

When a movement intention is detected, the sleeve delivers functional electrical stimulation (FES) to muscles across the forearm to enhance a variety of hand and wrist movements.
Climate Resilience

Conference on Innovations in Climate Resilience to Bring Meaningful Solutions to Life

Battelle has dedicated significant resources to convene the first Conference on Innovations in Climate Resilience, which we will host in Columbus, Ohio, on March 29-30, 2022.

November 2021: What’s New with NEON?

We take a look into the job of a NEON airborne sensor operator, Ohio State University creating a new institute for imageomics, and Arizona State's NEON Biorepository research on climate and nature.

Why CCS Technologies are Instrumental as the World Transitions to Clean Energy

There is a growing global urgency to shift to a more sustainable energy future. Squarely in the middle of these climate resiliency strategies are CCS technologies.
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