October 2021: What’s New with NEON?

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September 2021: What’s New with NEON?

This month we highlight a study on humans’ role in wildfires; a partnership between NEON and the Environmental Data Initiative; and a mobile deployment unit to improve ecological field research.

Battelle Showcases Decon Prototype at CBOA Industry Event

Learn about the emerging Chemical/Biological (CB) technologies Battelle showcased at the DTRA funded Chemical and Biological Operational Analysis (CBOA) event
STEM Education

Ohio Students to Build Community Solutions and Learn about High-Tech Careers in Agriculture

Learn more about the Battelle education team's effects to educate Ohio students about all the high-tech careers available in agriculture.

August 2021: What’s New with NEON?

We highlight developing a curriculum to learn the scientific method, airborne data improving socio-environmental research, and the need for NEON data to support sustainable ecological observations.

July 2021: What’s New with NEON?

See how NEON is prioritizing STEM careers for women, how the diversity shifts of beetles offer intel on changing ecosystems, and how NEON data is being used to predict species distribution.
Photo: young scientist putting samples in a beaker

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