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Biosecurity Sequence Screening
DNA Sequence

What is Needed to Implement a Biosecurity Sequence Screening Program?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 23, 2020

An effective biosecurity sequence screening program requires specific components, expertise, and training.

DNA Sequence Screening
Origami DNA

How Does DNA Sequence Screening Need to Evolve?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 21, 2020

DNA sequence screening needs to evolve into a system that can handle shorter sequences and provide more contextual information for both known and no..

Biosecurity Sequence Screening

Why are Items Flagged in an Effective Biosecurity Sequence Screening Program?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 20, 2020

Effective biosecurity sequence screening programs screen both customers and orders.

Coronavirus Solutions
Image of Peter Tsai holding a N95 mask.

A Conversation with Peter Tsai, Inventor of the Filtration Material in N95 Masks

Posted by Battelle Insider on Jul 16, 2020

We recently reached out to Peter Tsai, the inventor of the filtration material used in N95 and other respirator masks.

Biosecurity Sequence Screening

How Do We Know a Sequence Screening Program Is Effective?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 15, 2020

Is your screening system that good or are you just that lucky? Is your system flagging the sequences it needs to, or are some sequences slipping by ..


4 Retirees Reflect on Their Time at Battelle

Posted by Gabe Abke & Kelsey Kimmelman on Jul 14, 2020

To celebrate Battelle’s 90th anniversary, we took the opportunity to speak to four retirees about their time at Battelle and their favorite accompl..

Biosecurity Sequence Screening
DNA Sequence

Why Screen Sequences 200 bp at a Time?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 9, 2020

Sequence screening is an essential component of any biosecurity screening program. Two-hundred base pairs (bp) is the point where accuracy and cost ..

Biosecurity Sequence Reference Databases
DNA Sequence

What are Biosecurity Sequence Reference Databases?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 8, 2020

Biosecurity sequence reference databases are essential and contain all published nucleic acid or protein sequences, whether or not they are potenti..

Biosecurity Customer Screening

What are the Components of an Effective Biosecurity Customer Screening Protocol?

Posted by Neeraj Rao on Jul 2, 2020

Customer screening, flagging, and follow-up play essential roles in establishing the legitimacy of customers ordering synthetic dsDNA sequences. It’..


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